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Free Lunch Fridays winner for this week was Abhishek from Hummingbirds India - May 25, 2012
Abhishek from Hummingbirds
Abhishek with Melodee
Melodee with Abihishek and Friends
Bangalore had the ultimate Blues-Rock experience! May 18 & 19, 2012
Bobby Whitlock
Coco Carmel
Bobby Whitlock & Coco Carmel
Van Wilks
Dave Ray
Nicolas Leophonte

Van Wilks Band
The Saturday Night Blues Band
Adil and Vasundhara
Groove # 3 Featuring Benny Dayal
Chronic Blues Circus
Indigo 91.9 RJs at the Allen Solly Diva Day - May 19, 2012
Melodee @ AS Diva Day
Melodee and Friends @ AS Diva Day
Melodee With Paden (On Air Winner) @ AS Diva Day
Michelle @ AS Diva Day
Michelle and On Ground Winner @ AS Diva Day
Michelle with Adithi @ AS Diva Day

On Ground Winner and Friend @ AS Diva Day
Free Lunch Fridays's winner this week was Hrish Thota from HP! - May 11, 2012
Hrish Thota from HP excited to receive the Indigo Goodie bag from RJ Melodee Austin
Hrish Thota and his Team from HP
Hrish Thota and his team with RJ Melodee Austin
Hrish Thota from HP
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