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Indigo @ the Movies promotion of Kung Fu Panda 2 - May 29, 2011
Kung Fu Panda winner Christina with Kiran
Kung Fu Panda Movie Winners...
And the winners rush in to collect their passes last minute!
On air winner Nishchita posing!
Winners Rama and Neel with a Friend
Everyone in a rush to watch the Panda in action...
Team Indigo @ York India Ltd, with Geddy's Icecream Man winner Sandeep - May 27, 2011
Watch out....the Geddy's ice cream man is here!!
Woah....thats a lot of icecream!!
iRJ's Sriram and Michelle with the winner Sandeep...
You got to try this....i RJ's Michelle and Sriram!!
iRJ's Sriram and Michelle with Sandeep and his team!!
Warner Brothers in association with Radio Partner Radio Indigo gave out Exclusive Premiere Passes to Listeners, for Hangover 2 - May 25, 2011
Guests at the Premiere Nites
Music Composer Guru Kiran at the Premiere
Actor Diganth
Actor Santosh at the Hangover Premiere
Artists Performing at the Premiere
Actor Chetan
Indigo @ the Movies promotion of Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides - May 22, 2011
Team Indigo's Arjun calling up winners of the Pirates of the Caribbean!
Winners collecting their passes
Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Promotion at PVR Cinemas
Arjun and Divya Gowda at the Venue, waiting for the winners to pick their Tickets!
Radio Indigo supported Tahatto - an English Theatre Group from Bangalore for their play Full Meals, at Alliance Francaise - May 14 - May 15, 2011
Director Prashanth Nair with iRJ Sriram at the Indigo Studios
Audience can't wait to watch Full Meals!
All the 3 shows at Alliance Francaise were jam packed with audience wanting for more!
Attendance for all the shows of Tahatto were full, while the audience wished for more!
And our Indigo Standie grabs all attention!
Tahatto crew member Lakshmi

The Cast and Crew Members of Tahatto
6 Short stories, and one full play, was indeed Full Meals for the audience
Director and actor Prashanth in action
Humour in the play not only kept the play going but gave the audience a much needed laughter and fun, on a rainy day!
Full Meals in action...
Tahatto Cast and Crew members receive a standing ovation from the Audience
Radio Indigo 91.9 broadcast LIVE on location from Allen Solly, 100 Ft. Road - May 13 - May 14, 2011
On Air with Sriram!!
All roads lead to Allen Solly....drop by and catch all the fun happening here!!
iRJ's Sriram and Melodee at the Allen Solly Showroom in Indiranagar!!
On Air with iRJ Melodee!!
iRJ Melodee with fans at the Allen Solly Showroom in Indiranagar!!
iRJ Sriram liking his new hairdo!!

iRJ Melodee and her fans taking fashion at AllenSolly!!
Bet the mannequin's enjoing the attention!!
iRJ Sriram with fans at the Allen Solly showroom...
Radio Indigo fans delighted to be on air!!
Requests and more!!
iRJs Sriram, Michelle and Divya Gowda at the Allen Solly On Location Broadcast

iRJs Michelle and Sriram ON AIR
i RJ Michelle Posing at the Allen Solly Store!
i RJ Michelle and Sriram turn playful during the LIVE Broadcast
And we pose again!
Sriram with an ardent Listeners Shreya
iRJ Sriram interacting with the Listener

Sriram signing autographs!
Reshma who shopped at Allen Solly, with iRJ Sriram
iRJ Sriram with Arpita and Sani.JPG iRJ Sriram with Arpita and Sani
And the signing of autograph continues...
iRJ Sriram's fan Anusha with Sriram's Autograph!
Cloud Nine On Location LIVE Broadcast at Jayanagar- May 8th, 2011
iRJ's Sriram and Michelle broadcasting LIVE from Cloud Nine
On air with Sriram and Michelle!!
i RJ's Sriram and Michelle with fans who dropped by at Cloud Nine
i RJ's Sriram and Michelle talking nappy changes and everything else about being a MOM!!
iRJ's Sriram and Michelle with listeners...
Our young fan seems more interested in the microphone!!

A pretty picture that does make
He is 40 days old!!.
iRJ Sriram and Michelle with the proud parents at Cloud Nine!!.
The Baby Crawling Competion!!!
All at the start line....on your mark!!
Go Go Go.....its finish line just here!!

FINALLY.....I Got there!!
The Winner....Baby Manya!!
Manya and her mother on air with iRJ's Sriram and Michelle!!
The Winner takes the Prize home!!
Indigo at the Movies -Promotion of 'Fast and Furious 5' & 'Water for Elephants' - May 7th - 8th, 2011
Indigo at the Movies...
Arjun from Radio Indigo distributing tickets to the winners
We gonna watch Fast and Furious!!
Rathna Gowda, Pooja and Sumit Khombra
Radio Indigo and Volkswagen present" Spot the IPL edition Volkswagen Vento - Indigo on the GO!" in Bangalore!! - May 06, 2011
The IPL Edition Volkswagen Vento.....Ain't it amazing!!.
Volkswagen and Radio Indigo....all set for the drive!!
Can you spot the Car!!
i RJ Melodee all set for a drive in the Volkswagen Vento!!
Calling all of Bangalore....iRJ Melodee broadcasting LIVE
The first listener to spot us on location!!!

iRJ Melodee with another listener who spotted the car
Keep looking for it....and you could win!!
And the Winner is......
The lucky winner of the first couple of IPL tickets!!!
They didn't just spot the Car....they followed it all the way!!
I want a picture with iRJ Melodee

iRJ Melodee with her young fans!!
The GM, Volkswagen Palace Cross, picking out the final winner!!
Team Indigo celebrated iRJ Rohit Barker's birthday at the Indigo Studios - May 05, 2011
Barker the birthday boy!.
And Barker turns...hmm... (guess the age!)
Rohit Barker shares the cake with Shaggy, the Producer of Bengaluru Hot 40
Radio Indigo interviewed Dr.C.Shivaram, Consultant &Chief, Manipal Hospital Transfusion Services, to spread awareness for the World Thalassaemia Day - May 02, 2011
Dr.C.Shivaram, Consultant &Chief, Manipal Hospital Transfusion Services during the interview
Julius Sharma from Radio Indigo with Dr. Shivram
Dr. Shivram, Julius Sharma and Mr. Bhat
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