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Romanov Red Indigo Party Patrol at Megha's party - March 31, 2011
Let's pose once, before we get these bottles poppin and this party started.
Attack! It's ALL ours.
Melodee, Shagufta, Sriram and Michelle pose with Megha and her awesome Romanov Red Party pack.
While everyone else sits pretty with the Red, Michelle's got other plans for Sriram.
Radio Indigo in association with Namma Bengaluru Foundation supported the Dandi March for India Against Corruption - March 26, 2011
As India united for a corrupt free country, Namma Bengaluru Foundation set out to show their support at the Dandi March
Radio Indigo’s Julius Sharma gets Anupama’s take on corruption, the anti corruption campaign and makes sure her voice is heard.
Supporters of the India Against Corruption Campaign congregate at Sirci Circle prior to the start of the Dandi March
Over 400 Gandhinians, citizens, well wishers and ultimately Indians set out on the Dandi March to support the Indians Against Corruption Initiative
Namma Bengaluru Foundation volunteers show their support for the cause by spreading the word through peaceful yet meaningful assembly
Namma Bengaluru Foundation team members Arjun, Usha and Rajendran join fellow supporters in the peaceful fight against corruption.

More dedicated Namma Bengaluru Foundation volunteers join in at the Dandi March
Namma Bengaluru foundation volunteers stand side by side with fellow ordinary citizens who wish to see a corrupt free India
Namma Bengaluru Foundation director, Ms. Daya Menon, shows are allegiance and takes a stance against corruption in India at the Dandi March
Yet another proud citizen of India joining in to stop the evil of corruption
Caste, age, occupation no bar. Indians of all walk of life joined this supporter at the Dandi March
Namma Bengaluru Foundation supporters unite for a common cause that spreads beyond just Bengaluru.
Mandarin Trail On Location LIVE Broadcast at Mantri Mall - March 26 , 2011
Kenny Jones brings his on air personality to Mandarin Trail
Maria and her friends were absolutely positive that they wanted to pose with their favourite RJ. Kenny Jones was more than happy to oblige.
It was just pictures.eager fans wanted the one and only Kenny Jones autograph.
- More listeners dropped by. More reason to smile.
Kenny and Shweta decide to take a drink break. It's tough being loved isn't it?
Picture after picture. Fan after fan. Kenny couldn't say no to these two lovely ladies could he?

KSince the fans got Kenny to pose, he got them to come on air. Win win situation!
Shweta plays host and welcome Naijal and his friend to Mandarin Trail. Cheers!
Kenny and Shweta share a moment while broadcasting live from Mandarin Trail.
Shweta brings her bubbly self to Mantri Square mall, much to the delight of passerbyers.
So who's the man behind all the mouth-watering Chinese delicacies at Mandarin Trail? That man right there next to Shweta. Also known as the Head Chef.
The Younger generation just cant get enough of Kenny Jones. Radio Indigo's very own Santa Claus.

So what if his shift is over. Kenny knows how to keep his little fans happy. Through some nonsensical yet thoroughly enjoyable banter.
Alright kids. Gather round. Kenny Jones is in the house and wants to share some picture space with you. Priceless.
Schools out! Lets run to meet Kenny Jones at Mantri Mall. Great idea boys.
Check them out. Kenny Jones and Radio Indigo at Mandarin Trail, Mantri Mall.
If you were there, this is what you were a part of. If you weren't. This is what you missed. Better luck next time!
Red Romanov Indigo Party Patrol at winner Kenny's birthday party - March 25, 2011
Winner Kenny, his girlfriend Katherine and RJ Shweta are all smiles. We'd be all smiles to if we won the Party Patrol of the week.
Gather around the jack pot people. Ian, Mansur, Sanjana, Shreya, Shweta and Katherine circle around the goods.
Like a bunch of kids on their birthday. Kavi, Stevie, Shirin and Shweta rip through the Party Patrol box.
Shirin, Shweta and Katherine are eager to get the party started. But first, they've got to figure out how to open the party box!
Good friends. Good drinks. Great party. Shreya, Shweta, Shama, Mahimaa and Mansur say Cheese! For the camera.
Shweta leads the smile fest with Shreya and Shama joining in.

Goofballs Galore. Cherian, Shweta and Shoiab sure know how to make us laugh, even if just through one picture.
Au Bon Pain On Location LIVE Broadcast at Cunningham Road - March 19, 2011
Cherian, Kavya, Akersh & Divya Gowda
Au Bon Pain thanked Radio Indigo for a very successful and interactive On Location Broadcast!
Au Bon Pain gifts Shweta with goodies, cakes and flowers!
iRJ Shweta and Mahima from Radio Indigo
iRJ Michele with the little fan Krishna

iRJ Shweta with the Fans!
iRJ Shweta wtih a Radio Indigo Listener
Kavya, iRJ Michele, Akersh, Chandsi and Divya Gowda
Kenny and Shweta cutting the Big first year anniversary Cake at Au Bon Pain
Shweta with Au Bon Pain Marketing Manager Chandsi
Treats from Au Bon Pain!
Weber Grill's first Weekend Barbeque at Winner Cherill's Party - March 19, 2011
Cheril, David, Erica and friends with iRJ Sriram and Aslam
Cheril, Aslam, and iRJ Sriram
Weber Grill's First Weekend Barbeque at Cheril's place
Cheril trying her hands at the barbeque
Birthday boy David with mouth watering barbeque chicken!
Radio Indigo broadcast LIVE on location from Volkswagen Palace Cross on March 12, 2011, along with iRJs Kenny Jones, Shweta, Michelle and Melodee.
iRJs Shweta and Melodee pose with the smart, perky Beetle
Cherian from Team Indigo trying his hands at being an iRJ!
Indigo broadcasting on location at the Volkswagen Palace cross
iRJ Michelle and the Beetle
A Radio Indigo Listener who dropped in to shop!
iRJs Shweta, Michelle and Melodee with the cute, adorable & new Beetle

Volkswagen Palace cross GM Surender handing over the voucher to the winner!

Romanov Red Party Patrol on March 11, 2011 at Vinitra and a friend's birthday party

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