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The Romanov Red Indigo Party Patrol at Brinda's party for her husband Charles, January 29th, 2011
Charles. with the Romanov Red Party hamper
The Indigo divas with the birthday boy
i RJ Melodee Austin & Charles trying to see what the hampers all about
i RJ Michelle Patrao with the winner Brinda and her friends
The winner of this edition of the Romanov Red Party Patrol Brinda Hayward and her friends
This truly is a Romanov Red Indigo Party!
Fabric Spa Busy Easy's Second Winner on Indigo celebrates with iRJ Melodee - January 28, 2011
Kumar (Fabric Spa) , Melodee Austin (Radio Indigo) , Marie Francis (Winner) , Kiran (Fabric Spa)
Melodee Austin (Radio Indigo) , Marie Francis (Winner)
Marie Francis (Winner)
On air with Kenny Jones ran a contest on air for listeners to come up with wacky nicknames for Kenny Jones and Sriram and listed below are some cool ones! - January 19, 2011

Fabric Spa Busy Easy's First Winner on Indigo celebrates with Kenny Jones - January 18, 2011
Amit & Kiran (Fabric Spa), Jerad (Winner) and Kenny (Radio Indigo)
Kenny and Jerad (Winner)
Hemanth (Winner's Friend) , Kenny and Jerad (Winner)
Hemanth (Winner's Friend) , Kenny and Jerad (Winner)
Jerad (Winner), Kenny and Hemanth (Winner's Friend)
Jerad (Winner), Kenny and Hemanth (Winner's Friend)
The Indigo Jingle Jam- when Radio Indigo met the winners - January 17th , 2011
The winners won a lovely memento and a certificate for their school, a certificate each as well as gifts and vouchers courtesy WonderLa, Nandos and Radio Indigo
And they cheered for the Angel Flakes who won The Indigo Jingle Jam 2010
i RJ Kenny Jones with the tiny tots of Canadian International School, who composed the best original Jingle
The Angel Flakes of Canadian International School
i RJ Kenny Jones handing over the memento to the Principal, Ms. Lynda Giggs
i RJ Kenny Jones with The Angel Flakes- Akane Okamoto, Leea Pradhan, Anika Gowda and Monty Hamilton from Canadian International School

The Principal of Canadian International School, Ms. Lynda Giggs
i RJ Kenny Jones - surrounded by ardent listeners of Radio Indigo... from Canadian International School
Radio Indigo partnered the fusion event 'Waves' at Chowdiah Hall where well known and popular musician Niladri Kumar jammed with Darshan Doshi and other eminent musicians for a scintillating performance - January 14, 2011
Kenny Jones and Sriram caught up with electronic rock band Prodigy, prior to their performance in Bengaluru - January 12, 2011
Romanov Red Indigo Party Patrol at Arpana Bhandary's crib - January 14th, 2011
"We got the baby home", says Arpana, the winner of this edition
"Its all looking good"- i RJ Kenny Jones
"We're the people in black.." i RJs Sriram & Kenny in Indigo????
" Do I try my hand at DJ-ing?" - i RJ Kenny Jones
"Or do I become a barbecue Chef?" - i RJ Kenny Jones
"what an awesssssome partaaaaay!!!!"..The Indigo Party Patrol
Romanov Red Indigo Party Patrol.. The first one of the year at Nida Zubair's surprise birthday party for her friend Chippy Babu - January 1st, 2011
The i RJs Shweta, Michelle and Sriram with the winner & the birthday girl- Nida Zubair and Chippy Babu
"I'm too nice to take it all :) - i RJ Shweta
i RJ Shweta with the birthday girl, at the first ever Romanov Red Indigo Party Patrol of 2011
"Lets take one each"
i RJ Sriram with the winner, Nida Zubair and the birthday girl Chippy Babu
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