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Know all about the council structure and their stance on the state of affairs of the city from the Deputy Mayor, S Harish - December 31, 2011
Deputy Mayor S Harish being greeted by Mr. H S Balram, Host of Namma Bengaluru This Week
Some Last Minute Preparations
Answering questions raised by concerned citizens of Bengaluru
Jameson Cult Film Club in association with Indigo @ the Movies presented 'Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows' - Premiere Night - December 29, 2011
Preparations underway for the biggest movie premiere of the year 2011
Bindu, Suresh and friend are the first people to enter
2 happy listeners are all set to watch the most anticipated movie of the year
iRJ Saggy and his beautiful wife Christobel make it a date night with Sherlock and Watson for good company
iRJ Sriram flashes is 1000 megawatt smile while hanging out with Rao, Ganesh and Suryakiran.
2 more winners get ready to fill the Indigo theatre

Sriram, Meghana, Melodee and Julius! The Indigo Brigade is all smiles for Sherlock Holmes.
Thumbs up for Sherlock Holmes, Jameson Cult Film Club and yes of course Radio Indigo 919!
Suresh Sanyasi, Inderjit and Shoiab make it Threes Company before the big premiere.
Never too old or too many to pose. Sandeep, Raj, Shoiab, Inderjit, Srikant, David and Suresh prove that.
Radio Indigo and present Secret Santa Contest where the winners were gifted a bag full of exclusive Hoopos Goodies and bundle of joy from Radio Indigo! - December 2011
Santa makes a surprise visit to little Norah's house
Norah is elated as is the rest of the family including her aunt and grandmother. number 2 is waiting to be unwrapped
Santa is telling Norah to be a nice little girl this coming year too so that next year, she'll get even more gifts!
Now that all the gifts are open, Santa and iRJ Sriram decide to capture this golden moment in a sweet picture with Norah.
It's always a family affair with Radio Indigo. Let's get Norah's aunt in the picture!

Now, let's get the entire household to smile for Secret Santa. Merry Christmas!
It's not only the kids that get gifted. iRJ Sriram makes mommy's day too!
And another one for aunty dearest.
Santa takes some time out near his Christmas tree to figure out his next stop.
Santa's little helper, Sara, gets a surprise from Secret Santa and she can't wait to open it
Olly the octopus keeps Sara good company on the couch, cosy next to the tree.

Sara's daddy, grandmother and nanny are all smiles for Secret Santa, Christmas, and Radio Indigo
Santa's next stop takes him to Joshua's house.there he is with Olly the Octupus.
Joshua can't help but catch a peek at Santa.
Joshua gets to playing with his new toys right away.
Christmas smiles are the best smiles! Take it from Joshua, his mom and grandmother.
Radio Indigo broadcast LIVE on location from the People Store, Koramangala - December 24, 2011
Which one is the mannequin and which one is iRJ Saggy?
New clothes courtesy People makes Shagufta a happy camper
iRJ Sriram flashes his pearly whites and new t'shirt from People
iRJ Saggy chats up with a customer at the People store
Saurav - Head Designer Men's Fashion is on deck to give some valuable fashion tips and help make someone over
What made the broadcast at the People store so spectacular? Aditya, Manisha and Rishika were just a few of the peeps that made it awesome!

New clothes + the People store = Happy Radio Indigo employees. Just ask Ash, Shagufta and Shoiab.
Sasha and her friends celebrated her 12th birthday at the People Store with Radio Indigo.
The people behind the breathtaking People Store! The ever smiling staff.
Rain Water Harvesting - December 24, 2011
Mr. Kemaparamaiah, Chief Manager, BWSSB gets ready to sit on the hot seat and talk during the Rain Water Harvesting special on Namma Bengaluru This Week
Mr. Kemaparamaiah listens carefully to a listeners question on rain water harvesting Bangalore.
A man of measures, Mr. Kemaparamaiah cross checks stats to give the most reliable answer to the listeners.
Forest Conservation - December 17, 2011
Mr. Avani Kumar Varma throws some light Forest Conservation in layman's language on the Namma Bengaluru This Week
With a smile on his face, Mr. Avani Kumar Varma takes a listeners question
Mr. Varma smiles for the camera as iRJ and Namma Bengaluru This Week anchor, Sriram, gets in for a picture
Warner Brothers & Indigo @ the Movies gave away exclusive passes for the movie New Year's Eve at PVR Cinemas - Forum Mall - December 11, 2011
We think she's smiling for the good looking men in the movie like Zac Efron, Josh Duhamel, Jon Bon Jovi and Ashton Kutcher.
Yet another set of listeners excited to win tickets for 'New Years Eve'.
Only minutes away from the start of the movie and all smiles
Indigo listeners making their way down the Indigo @ the movies carpet, jackets in hand in case it gets a little chilly!
"So what if the movie is going to start in 30 seconds, I got my tickets in hand and a couple of seconds to spare for a pose"
Lake Conservation - December 10, 2011
Mr. K S Saibaba, Chief Executive Officer of the Lake Development Authority on the Namma Bengaluru This Week talking to Bangalore about Lake Conservation
Namma Bengaluru This Week Host, H S Balram, directs questions received from Bangaloreans to Mr. K S Saibab on the Lake Conservation plans in the city.
Also featured on the Lake Conservation edition of Namma Bengaluru this week was Mr Ramesh Sivaram - Entrepreneur, Activist and Lake Conservator
Radio Indigo partnered Bethany High Musical Extravaganza to present Disney's Aladdin Jr. at Jyoti Nivas College - Dec 08 - Dec 10, 2011
They story of Aladdin comes alive on stage at Bethany Highschool
The journey begins here..
A dramatic scene unfolds and the crowd is captivated..
A song dance sequence keeps the crowd glued.
The ensemble cast gathers for a croweded scene. Can you spot Alladin?
Landmark and Radio Partner Radio Indigo presents the Wilbur Smith Tour for the promotion of the author's latest book - Those in Peril at Landmark, Forum Mall - December 06, 2011
iRJ Blair has a one on one with renowned and revered author Wilbur Smith
Wilbur Smith manages to make Blair laugh with his wit and wisdom
So enigmatic is Mr Smith that even Divya couldn't resist getting a picture with the great author.
iRJ Blair seems to be taken by the summary of the new Wilbur Smith book, 'Those in Peril'. Don't be surprised if he's read it from cover to cover by now.
Wealth out of waste??? - December 03, 2011
iRJ Sriram takes a second to take a picture with Ms. Kalpan Kar of Clean Bengaluru and Mr. Ramakanth of SWMRT during the Solid Waste Management edition of Namma Bengaluru This Week
Prior to the recording, the panelists indulge in a healthy debate on solid waste management in Bengaluru
Ms. Wilma Rodriguez of Saahas and Mr. Satish from BBMP talk were the other guests featured on the Solid Waste Management edition of Namma Bengaluru This Week.
Radio Indigo supported Mellow Circle's Dramatic Musical, The Rented Christmas - a charity show in aide of the HIV affected children - December 03, 2011
One of the many captivating scenes from the play 'The Rented Christmas'
Guests start making their way into the auditorium
As the auditorium starts filling up, anticipation builds for the performance
The choir takes centre stage
A surprise is about to unfold on stage as the actors look on
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