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Indigo @ the Movies! - Promotion of the Superhero Flick - THOR - April 30, 2011
Indigo @ the Movies Promotion of THOR
On Air Winners with Arjun
Arjun from Team Indigo distributing Tickets to the winners
At the venue
Arjun with Stanley Simon
Stanley and Divya Gowda during the movie promotion
BA Journalism students from T.John College visit our studios as part of the Career Guidance programme initiative by Radio Indigo - April 28, 2011
Radio Indigo PD Sachin with the Journalism students at the Recording Studio
Journalism students watch the Jock On air, in the On Air Studio
Sachin explains about the RCS system
Sachin explaining the students on Radio Production
BA Journalism students of T.John College with PD Mr. Sachin
And that's how we do it at Radio Indigo (while it had hit the cieling for one of the students!)

And finally, a happy picture with iRJ Sriram
Radio Indigo celebrated Earth Day with a Green Pledge and the Eco Freak Contest for all Listeners, and eco friendly Bicycles were presented to 2 winners - April 22, 2011
Earth Day winners Karuna and Arjun Singh with iRJs Shweta, Michelle and Melodee
Earth Day Winners!
The 2 Eco friendly Bicycles
Winners arriving at the Indigo Studios
Radio Indigo's Justin Bieber Contest's winner Ranjini Sridhar at the Merdeka Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - April 21, 2011
Radio Indigo iRJs Shweta and Sriram at one of the biggest concerts Bengaluru has witnessed- THE AKON LIVE Concert! - April 17, 2011
Shweta is mighty happy that she has a ticket to watch AKON live in Bengaluru. As if you didn't notice it from that smirk on her face.
Shweta and Gitanjali bring their big love and their even bigger smiles for the cameras
The Indigo-ers Shweta and Sriram pose with friends before the madness inside begins
Because once they got inside, it was only lots of madness, lots of screaming and LOTS of Akon!
Akon aka Konvict serenades the crowd with 'I Wanna Love You' and the crowd just cant get enough
Oh yeah, the concert is popping and the audience is hopping. Akon has them hooked.

The heat got to him after all. What followed was a shirtless half hour of stage diving and crooning.
Akon braves the Bengaluru audience and jumps into his bubble ship
Weber Grill's second Weekend Barbeque at Arjun's Party - April 16, 2011
It's not just barbeque. It's Weberlicious barbeque. So much better!
The Weber Grill winner Arjun and RJ Shweta get in a quick pose before the eating begins
The Weber family including Aslam Gafoor come out to freak out on some delish BBQ with Arjun and Shweta
The vegetarians and non vegetarians alike couldn't resist these Paneer Sheesh Kabobs
The fabulous Weber chef gets the grill going with some succulent chicken
Arjun and the Weber boys hang around the grill. The aroma itself is killer!

Dhruv, Nidhi, Shreya and Arjun are smiling now, but they're eagerly waiting to ATTACK the yummy grilled goods.
With good food around its but obvious that Parvathi Om and Aloke Shetty are going to smile like that
Parvathi, Aloke, Marion, Nishat, and Arjun pose like good little well fed people.
Arun thanks the Weber boys and then decides to pose for a memorable picture
Winner Arun wid d Weber Boys
Radio Indigo and Shona Dee Academy of Dance presented The Dance of the summer Blossoms - April 14, 2011
The invite to the sweetest dance performance with a conscience
Ladies rush in to get the best seat in the house for the awe inspiring performances
The tiniest of tots show off their dancing skills
Modern day ballerinas put a smile across our face
The smoke can't stop us from seeing those beautiful faces
Another riveting performance to please the crowd

Synchronization is the key
Radio Indigo's Justin Bieber Contest's winner was chosen through a reverse draw. Ranjani Sridhar was declared the winner of an all expense paid trip for two, to watch Justin Bieber LIVE at Merdeka Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on April 21st! - April 13, 2011
Some are smiling. Some are holding back tears. But everyone is a Beliber. Tensions in the air at the Lee Showroom
They LIKE Sriram, almost as much as they LOVE Justin Bieber. The Finalists pose with RJ Sriram ahead of the draw.
Girls: "Sriram, choose me". "Pick Me".
Sriram: "Man. I'm going to be breaking some hearts tonight".
Aishwarya was the first Belieber to pick out a name during the reverse draw
iRJ Sriram looks worried as he stands around with the eager, nervous and delicate Belibers!
iRJ Sriram preps the Beliebers for their on air debut.

Symptom 1 of Bieber Fever: Screaming teenage girls.
Shout out loud....Bieber Fever kicking in!!
iRJ Sriram to Belieber: Don't cheat now. Cheaters won't get to see the Biebs. I can guarantee that.
You're never too old to look the Biebs and have Bieber Fever. We're getting closer to picking the winner...
1 Belieber closer to the final five!!
The five luckiest Beliebers in Bengaluru with iRJ Sriram

.but only room for the truest bluest Belieber. Justin Bieber Beckons Ranjani Sridhar to Malaysia!
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